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Utah Fall Vacation in Altamont

Families love to gather at Hidden Springs Lodge and spend time with each other eating good food, telling stories, and playing in the pool. September and October are great months for families to gather at Hidden Springs. Here are a few of our favorite things about the fall months at Hidden Springs Ranch.

The weather is beautiful in the fall. The afternoons are warm, and the evenings and mornings are cool. Families love to swim in the pool and play on the lawn during the warm fall afternoons. When the temperature cools in the evenings families enjoy relaxing in the hot tub or having a campfire with marshmallows and other great treats. The mornings and evenings are also great for a family bike ride, skeet shooting, fishing, or hiking.

In late September and October, the leaves have changed color and the autumn colors are spectacular above the ranch in the Ashley National Forest. Just a short drive from the ranch there are several beautiful canyons in the national forest that are amazing for a fall drive. Families that enjoy hiking will find endless hikes in these canyons. There are also many dirt roads for riding OHVs and ATVs. This is the best time of year not only to see beautiful fall colors, but also to see elk, moose, and deer along the rivers in these amazing canyons.

The fall rates are lower than the summer rates and the amenities and recreation opportunities are just as amazing. The fishing, wildlife viewing, and weather for hiking and biking is the best of the year in September and October making it a perfect time of year for families that love the outdoors to gather and spend time fishing, watching wildlife, skeet shooting, and seeing the spectacular fall scenery as the leaves turn golden yellow and fire red.

We hope to see your family this fall at Hidden Springs Ranch for some Utah fall vacation and recreation!

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