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Hidden Springs Ranch has operated as a working ranch for over a century. Dating back to the early 1900’s, the Fisher Family operated the Ranch as a feed and cattle ranch. Unique in its design, the Ranch is irrigated by gravitational forces made possible by the lay of the land and the many springs and ponds on the property. During the 1960’s and 70’s the Fisher’s found they had other rich resources on their land and oil became a secondary source of revenue for many years.

Looking for a family ranch on which to raise cattle, the Nelson family bought the Hidden Springs Ranch from the Fisher family in 2002. Historically, the Ranch only held about 80 – 150 head of cattle; however, because the cattle are now fed in part from productive feed pastures in Myton and summer grazing in the Uinta Mountains, the Ranch is now able to maintain around 600 head of cattle. Eeach year several thousand tons of alfalfa, silage, oats, and grass is raised on nearby farms – and fed to the cattle at Hidden Springs.

If you come to the Ranch looking for cattle during the middle of the summer – you will see only a few. Ranch guests would need to take a drive up into the Uintah Mountains near Flaming Gorge Reservoir to find most of them. Each summer the cattle are transported to summer feeding grounds on 80,000 acres of permit land in the Ashley National Forest. In special cases, adventurous Ranch guests can reserve a special trip to go visit the cattle during the summer months, helping the ranch hands work the cattle from horseback.

The Nelson Family encourages all guests to relax and enjoy their stay on the Hidden Springs Ranch. Now primarily a guest ranch and family resort, Hidden Springs Ranch remains a unique place where guests can still enjoy wide-open spaces, beautiful scenery, plenty of fun, and wonderful accommodations for the whole family.