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Combination Rental Package
For the group that wants unlimited access and free run of all rental activities and equipment during their stay – the combination package is the way to go. The combination package is purchased on a daily basis, so it can be rented for just one or two days or reserved for a group’s entire stay. The package includes unlimited use of the climbing wall (gear for 6 climbers), fishing rods (4), and pull-away canoes (6) with a trailer for use at nearby lakes. We encourage groups of all sizes to look into the advantages of the all-inclusive rental package and make arrangements well in advance of their scheduled stay.

Individual Rental Rates
Some groups will only have a few individuals who want to participate in rental activities, such as the climbing wall. These groups are able to rent equipment and activities on an individual, per piece/activity basis. Many rentals must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. All rental equipment can be checked in and out at the Activities Center.

Bring Your Own
Hidden Springs Ranch is excited to provide several equipment rental options to our Lodge guests; however, if you prefer to bring your own toys and equipment we encourage you to do so. During your stay, the Ranch is open for your recreational use. Groups are welcome to bring their own mountain bikes, paintball equipment, boats, ATV’s, snowmobiles, shotguns, fishing, and other recreational equipment. The Lodge Director will help everyone understand the Ranch rules and show you the best places on and off the Ranch to use your equipment. Please contact us for questions on bringing your own equipment.

Combination Rental Package for Groups

Duration Weekday Weekend
1-Day $300 $400
2-Day $450 $550
3-Day $600 $700
4-Day $750
5-Day $900
Full Week $1,000
Rules & Guidelines
  • Combination Rental Package does not include Horseback riding activities.
  • Guests are responsible for returning all rental items to the Activities Center in good condition. Any damages to rental equipment will be the responsibility of the group leader.
  • All guests using rental equipment must sign liability waivers
  • All guests using Climbing Wall must be trained. All children using the climbing wall must be accompanied by a trained adult.

Climbing Wall Rates

Duration Individual Rates Group Rates
1/2-Day $3 $75
1-Day $5 $150
2-Day $250
3-Day $350
4-Day $450
5-Day $550
Full Week $650
Rules & Guidelines
  • Group rates include four sets of climbing gear and unlimited use of the climbing wall.
  • Climbing gear includes ropes, harnesses, helmets, and auto belaying systems.
  • Guest may bring their own climbing shoes.
  • Members of a group can take turns using the equipment.
  • All climbers must sign accident waiver forms.
  • All climbers must receive instruction from a trained adult supervisor. All children must have a trained adult present.

Fishing Rods

Duration Per Rod
Fly Rod 1-Day $10
Spinning Rod 1-Day $10
Rules & Guidelines
  • Rods must be checked out at the Activities Center.
  • Spinning rods include reel and line. Lures and other tackle are available at the Activities Center.
  • Fly rods include reel and line. Leaders, tippet, and flies are available at the Activities Center.

Canoes – Pull-away Trailer

Duration Per Canoe
1-Day $30
Rules & Guidelines
  • Minimum rental for pull-away is two canoes.
  • Life jackets are included with the rental and must be used.
  • Rental agreement must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Guests using pull away canoes must sign accident waivers.