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Large Group Rental

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Hidden Springs Ranch is gorgeous every month of the year. However, there is something incredibly special about the spring. The baby animals on the ranch, the green grass, flowers, warm afternoons, and beautiful sunsets make this one of our favorite times of the year. 

Large groups that come during April and May often comment on how beautiful this time of year is.  They love to see the baby animals, the beautiful sunsets, and enjoy playing outside during the warm afternoons. This large group rental is perfect for groups that want privacy and beauty while getting together and enjoying time together.  

The Hidden Springs Lodge is great for groups up to 90 people.  This large group rental has over 90 beds and the large commercial kitchen and huge main floor is perfect for groups to gather, eat, and have fun together all under one roof.

There is endless recreation to do on the ranch in the spring, summer, and fall. In the backyard the swimming pool and hot tub area is fun for everyone in the group. The large lawn provides the opportunity to play yard games and sports. There is also volleyball, horseshoes, and a large game room right at the lodge.  At the recreation center large groups will enjoy basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, and paintball. The ponds on the ranch provide the opportunity to canoe, fish, and play in the water. There is also a skeet shooting deck and mountain biking on the ranch. Large groups will find something fun for everyone in their group. 

This large group rental is just a couple hours from the Salt Lake City area and provides privacy, seclusion, and beauty for your next large group retreat.  Many groups drive out in the morning from the Salt Lake City area to have a beautiful lodge and ranch all to themselves.  We hope to see you soon at Hidden Springs Lodge!

Utah Large Family Vacation Rental

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Hidden Springs Lodge is perfect for large groups to gather in one beautiful lodge any time of year, but from April to June is maybe our favorite time of year. The weather is beautiful, there are baby animals around the ranch to enjoy, the flowers and trees are blooming, and the rates are much less expensive than the summer.  

Spring groups at Hidden Springs Lodge enjoy privacy, luxury, and endless recreation opportunities.  Groups in the spring can enjoy swimming, fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, lawn games, hot tubbing, horseshoes, campfires, mountain biking, paintball, and skeet shooting.  The warm afternoons and cool mornings and evening make it perfect for a variety of recreation. The warm afternoons are perfect for swimming and playing lawn games. The cool mornings and evenings are great for mountain biking, volleyball, basketball, and relaxing in the hot tub, 

Large family groups have been using the beautiful Hidden Springs Lodge for many years to get together and play with their families. Many of these groups have come back year after year to enjoy this beautiful lodge and property with their families. Many of these family groups have told us that the spring and the fall are their favorite time of year to be at Hidden Springs Lodge. They love the mild weather, great low rates, and quiet time of year. 

In Utah large families are common and large family groups get together often to enjoy playing in the beautiful outdoor areas Utah has to offer. Hidden Springs Lodge is located on the south slope of Utah’s highest mountain range. Groups that want to go out and explore the spectacular Uinta Mountains can easily drive up to the trailheads above the lodge and hike, ATV, and explore the highest mountains in Utah. The beautiful Moon Lake is just above the lodge and groups can easily drive up and canoe on Moon Lake during their stay at the lodge. If you are looking for a Utah large family vacation rental, come and enjoy the beautiful Hidden Springs Lodge and gorgeous Uinta Mountains this spring!

Utah Retreat Lodge

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The afternoons are getting warm and the snow is melting fast. Spring is a wonderful time of year that we look forward to all winter. The warm afternoons are perfect for fishing, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, and playing outside. The cool mornings and evenings are ideal for relaxing with family and friends playing games in the lodge, soaking in the hot tub, or eating big meals. The weather is just about perfect for enjoying the outdoor recreation on Hidden Springs Ranch and the baby animals around the ranch are fun for everyone in the family to see. 

Nearly every weekend in the spring we host retreats at Hidden Springs Ranch. Groups love this time of year. It is nice weather and there are lots of fun activities to enjoy. The other reason that groups love to do retreats in the spring is because the rates are much lower than the busy summer months and it does not conflict with their summer vacations or family reunions.  The huge main floor of Hidden Springs Lodge is perfect for setting up tables or chairs and having a corporate retreat, quilting retreat, or sewing retreat, or art retreat. It is also ideal for putting out mats and having a yoga retreat, Pilates retreat, or spiritual retreat. We have hosted all these retreats in the spring, and they have all mentioned how much they enjoyed the spring weather, baby animals, and private lodge to enjoy their retreat. 

Hidden Springs Lodge is an ideal building for Utah retreats. The huge main floor gives plenty of space for any activity. The large, commercial kitchen is perfect for preparing meals for large groups. The five upstairs bedrooms all have their own full bathrooms for comfort. The eight downstairs bedrooms can work great for as small as 10 people or as many as 50 people. The downstairs bedrooms all have bunkbeds, so if you have a smaller group you can just sleep one or two people in each room, but if you have a large group it can fit up to 50 people in the downstairs bedrooms.  If you are planning a Utah retreat give us a call and we would love to help you have an unforgettable retreat at Hidden Springs Lodge!

Private Utah Family Lodge

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The Hidden Springs Ranch is beautiful no matter what time of year you are here. Families love to come and enjoy this beautiful, private lodge and all the outdoor recreation the ranch has to offer every month of the year. This private family lodge sits on a 750-acre cattle ranch just below the Ashley National Forest. Families love to relax and play on the private ranch, because they have the ranch all to themselves and they can relax, eat, play games, swim, fish, canoe, play basketball and volleyball, and enjoy time together in privacy and luxury. 

In the winter, the ranch is peaceful and quiet. The snow falls peacefully and blankets the ground and trees in white creating a winter wonderland.  Wildlife is abundant in the winter as they come down from the mountains and spend much of the winter on and around the ranch. It is quite common to see deer, elk, turkeys, coyotes, hawks, and golden eagles in the winter. Families enjoy playing in the snow, relaxing in the hot tub, watching the wildlife, and spending time together in the beautiful lodge.

Spring and fall are one of our favorite times of the year. The weather is mild and there is lots to do. Families enjoy playing basketball and volleyball, swimming, fishing, canoeing, playing games on the lawn, and rock climbing. In the spring the grass is green, and flowers are abundant and baby animals can be seen around the ranch. In the fall the leaves are yellow and the wildlife is moving down into the ranch. They are both spectacular times of year to have the ranch to yourself. 

Family vacation rentals are common, but to have an entire private ranch and lodge just for your family is exceedingly rare. Hidden Springs Ranch is one of the most private and luxurious guest ranches in the western United States and guests enjoy complete privacy and luxury at this private Utah family lodge while they enjoy time together relaxing and playing.

Utah Group Retreat Lodge

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Hidden Springs Lodge is an ideal large group lodge for specialty retreats and family vacations. This week a large scrapbooking group is using the lodge for a scrapbooking retreat. Next week a basketball team is using the lodge for a team retreat. This spring a large group yoga retreat will enjoy the lodge for a week and a quilting group retreat will be held at the lodge. 

The large main floor is perfect for setting up lots of tables and doing crafts, sewing, or quilting or clearing out the space and exercising or dancing.  Hidden Springs Lodge also hosts many wedding events and corporate group retreats. 

Spring and fall are some of the best times of the year for large group events and retreats at Hidden Springs Lodge. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is spectacular, and the rates are some of the lowest of the year. April and May are beautiful spring weather, green leaves, and baby animals all over the ranch. September and October are mild fall weather, spectacular autumn leaves, and low rates. 

The wintertime is also a great time to enjoy the luxury of this beautiful group lodge. During the winter months groups enjoy playing in the snow, hiking, playing basketball, play in the game room, and ice fishing during the day. At night groups love to dance, watch movies, play games, and relax in the hot tub. 

When you are looking for a large lodge for a group or team retreat look no further than Hidden Springs Lodge. Just 2.5 hours east of Salt Lake City, Utah it is easy to drive out in the morning and be at your retreat by the early afternoon. Any time of year Hidden Springs Lodge is the perfect location for your next retreat!

Utah Large Group Lodge

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Hidden Springs Lodge has a spacious main floor that is perfect for large groups in Utah to gather and eat, play games, or have a dance party. From May to October large groups often set up tables and chairs on the covered deck and enjoy the beautiful weather and gorgeous views of the ranch and surrounding mountains. This leaves the large main floor open for playing games, dancing, and having parties. From November to April, when the weather is cooler, groups staying at Hidden Springs Lodge will set up the tables and chairs inside the lodge on the main floor and still have enough room to play games. At night, the tables and chairs can be moved to the side to have a party or dance the night away.

The spacious main floor and deck are perfect for large groups up to 100 people. There is also plenty of activities to do on the ranch for everyone in the groups to enjoy. The pool, hot tub, and large lawn in the backyard are perfect for swimming and lawn games. The sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit, and firepit area provide even more fun for everybody in your group. For those that want even more fun the indoor basketball and rock-climbing wall at the recreation center are great for every age group. For those in your group that like to fish and hunt there is a shooting range, fishing and canoeing pond, paintball gun area, and a clay pigeon range.  A state park reservoir is just eight miles away if anyone in the group wants to boat and ATV trails into the High Uinta Mountains are just up the road. 

Located just a couple hours east of Salt Lake City, Hidden Springs Lodge is perfect for Utah large group gatherings. The beautiful lodge is comfortable and spacious and easily accommodates groups up to 100 people. The recreation is endless and there is always plenty of fun activities for everyone in the group to enjoy. Come and enjoy the beauty and privacy of Hidden Springs Ranch!

Utah Winter Family Lodge

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The winter is a special time of year at Hidden Springs Ranch in Utah. It is quiet, peaceful, and serene. The snow blanketing the ranch and the crisp, cool air creates a quiet, peaceful ranch. The frost on the trees and the deer and elk in the meadows create beautiful winter scenery no matter which direction you look. Families and friends that come and enjoy the ranch in the winter enjoy unmatched peace and beauty.

There is still plenty to do in the winter at Hidden Springs Ranch. During the daytime, the indoor basketball and volleyball court allows families to enjoy indoor recreation. The snow offers the opportunity to sled, cross country ski, build snowmen or snow forts, and play snow games. Ice fishing, skeet shooting, and rock climbing are also available recreation for families in the winter. When the night comes relax in the hot tub, play games in the lodge, or watch a movie with your family. 

There is lots of room in the lodge for family vacations of any size. The Hidden Springs Lodge has 13 bedrooms and a huge main floor for families to gather to eat and play. There is a sound system and an 85 inch TV for families to have dance parties or watch their favorite movies. 

The Hidden Springs Ranch in Utah provides endless outdoor and indoor fun for winter family vacations. The winter also has some of the lowest prices of the year so that families can enjoy this beautiful time of year at a great rate. Winter is a great time of year to escape on a family vacation and it for those families that love nature the Hidden Springs Ranch is a great place to be. The crisp, clean air, the beauty of the ranch with snow, and the wildlife wintering on the ranch provides unlimited opportunities to relax and play in nature. Family vacations are wonderful any time of year, but winter is one of our favorite time to get away!

Utah Family Reunion

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The Utah family reunion season is June through August every year. Families get together and spend time catching up and enjoying time playing outside together. These summer months have become remarkably busy and in high demand at Hidden Springs Ranch for family reunions. The spring and fall weekends are much less busy and as a result the prices are nearly half the cost of the summer months. In April and May as well as September and October in the fall the weather is spectacular, all the same recreation opportunities are still available, and the same length of reservation will cost about half the price that it would in the summer. 

Spring and fall are a special time of year in Utah. In spring the grass is green, the trees and flowers are blossoming, and the days are warm and the nights cool. The scenery and the weather can not be beat. The warm afternoons are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, swimming, volleyball, fishing, basketball, and playing lawn games. The cool evenings are perfect for relaxing on the deck, soaking in the hot tub, and sleeping with the window open and a nice cool breeze.  The months of September and October in northern Utah also have the great warm afternoons and cool nights. The scenery in the fall is just as striking with the autumn leaves in all their glory. If you have ever considered escaping for a weekend family reunion the spring and fall is the best time to do it. You will get the best price, all the recreation, and the best weather of the year. Hidden Springs Ranch is the place to do it. The expansive main floor and fully furnished kitchen is perfect for having a large Utah family reunion. With a swimming pool, hot tub, volleyball court, large lawns, fishing and canoeing pond, rock-climbing wall, basketball court, shooting range, and game room all on the property your group will never run out of things to do without ever leaving the property.  Hidden Springs Ranch is perfect for family reunions from 10 to 90 people and is just a couple of hours from the Salt Lake Valley. Enjoy your next family reunion at beautiful Hidden Springs Ranch!

Utah Family Reunion Rental

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Utah Family Reunion Rental

Hidden Springs Ranch in Utah is one of the premiere family reunion vacation rentals in the western United States. The lodge is spacious, and the expansive main floor has plenty of room for up to 90 people to eat, relax, and play. This family reunion lodge has five bedrooms and five bathrooms upstairs and eight bedrooms downstairs. The kitchen is fully furnished for up to 90 people and with 95 beds in the lodge there is a comfortable bed for everyone in the group. Sleeping 50 to 90 people in beds under one roof is not usually an option, but at Hidden Springs Ranch there is a bed for everyone and plenty of space to spread out to eat, play, and relax. The lodge also has all the modern amenities for those that need to stay connected to the outside world. The main floor has an 80 inch flat screen TV, a sound system, and WIFI.

Your group will never run out of things to do while staying at Hidden Springs Ranch. The indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities are endless. Inside the lodge there is a game room with foosball, ping pong, and an air hockey table. Outside recreation includes: a swimming pool, hot tub, large grass yard, fire pit area, fishing pond, canoeing, rock climbing, paintball guns, mountain biking, skeet shooting, hiking, and children’s playground. This Utah vacation rental is one of the most beautiful family reunion ranches in Utah, has a gorgeous large lodge, and endless recreation for all ages. Many family reunions enjoy sitting out on the beautiful deck watching the children play in the pool and enjoying the beautiful sunsets. In the wintertime families enjoy playing in the snow, watching the wildlife, sitting in the hot tub, and relaxing by the wood burning stove. Any time of year this family reunion ranch is amazing for a group vacation. Hidden Springs Ranch is the perfect location to have a family retreat in Utah for large and small groups.