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Summer Vacation Lodge in Utah

By June 26, 2023Vacation Home

Summer has arrived at Hidden Springs Lodge. It is a beautiful time of year with endless outdoor recreation. In this blog we will discuss some of our favorite summer recreation at Hidden Springs Lodge in Utah.

One of the favorite outdoor activities at Hidden Springs Lodge in the summer is swimming. The beautiful swimming pool and large hot tub in the backyard is a popular place for families to relax and enjoy the summer weather. Children love to swim and play games in the pool for hours while parents relax and chat or read a book. Families that enjoy playing in ponds will also find several ponds on the property to swim, canoe, fish, and play on.

On the Hidden Springs Ranch is lots of outdoor recreation. Families that enjoy volleyball, horseshoes, campfires, and outdoor sports will find all of this in the backyard of the lodge. The ranch also has a skeet shooting deck and area for target shooting. The ponds on the property are great for fishing and canoeing. At the recreation center there is a rock-climbing wall and a pickleball court. There is something for everyone in your family on the Hidden Springs Ranch.

Near Hidden Springs Lodge are several lakes and reservoirs. Just down the road about 10 minutes is Big Sandwash Reservoir that is amazing for boating. This reservoir is quiet and most days there will only be a few boats on the lake. It is a great spot for surfing, wakeboarding, and skiing. North of Hidden Springs Lodge about 30 minutes is a national forest lake called Moon Lake. It is a beautiful area for canoeing, playing in the water, and fishing.

Just north of the Hidden Springs Ranch is the Ashley National Forest. This gorgeous national forest is amazing for families that love the outdoors. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails and ATV trails. The Yellowstone Canyon is about 40 minutes from the lodge and has some spectacular ATV trails and hiking. There are also many streams and creeks to fish for families that enjoy fishing.