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Utah Family Reunion

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a wonderful News Years celebration with family and friends. The new year is here, and this is a great time to reflect on the fun times that we had with our families last year and start planning new memories with family this upcoming year. We enjoy spending time in January talking with our family about family reunions and outdoor adventures this year and setting some dates on the calendar to have fun with our immediate family as well as have a big reunion with uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Utah is a great state to have both outdoor family adventures and family reunions. The state of Utah has so many great outdoor activities and beautiful scenery it is a perfect state for families to get together and play outside. The Uinta Mountains are the highest mountain range in Utah and are some of the most beautiful mountains to spend time hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and riding ATVs with family and friends. 

Hidden Springs Lodge is located on the south slope of the Uinta Mountains just 30 minutes from some of the trailheads that go into these beautiful mountains. Families that love the outdoors will find endless outdoor activities in this beautiful mountain range.  The Hidden Springs Lodge is perfect for family reunions to use as a basecamp for their family adventures. It has enough beds for everyone in the family, great kitchen facilities for cooking, and lots of activities while you are relaxing at the lodge. Utah family reunions that have a large family and love the outdoors will find Hidden Springs Lodge the perfect spot for their next family gathering. Those that like to relax by the pool or sit in the lodge and tell stories or watch movies will find this luxurious lodge perfect for relaxing and enjoying time talking and spending time together. Those in the family that want to get out and ride ATVs, go hiking, canoe, fish, or rock climbing will find all these activities around the ranch. 

We hope to see your family this year at Hidden Springs Lodge for a Utah family reunion!

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