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Utah Group Lodge

By April 25, 2024Vacation Home

The lodge at Hidden Springs Ranch is a beautiful facility for family and group gatherings.  Families and groups love to gather at this beautiful lodge and spend time together relaxing, eating, and spending time together enjoying their favorite activities.  Groups enjoy having events and gatherings at the lodge year-round.  In this blog we will share some of the different groups that gather at Hidden Springs Lodge throughout the year to enjoy time together.

Families love to gather at Hidden Springs Lodge during the summer months and have family reunions and family vacations.  The Hidden Springs Lodge is great for family gatherings from 30 to 80 people.  The five upstairs bedrooms are perfect for parents and grandparents and if parents have a small child or two that they need to sleep in the bedroom there are bunkbeds in each upstairs room for the children to sleep in.  The 8 downstairs bedrooms are great for children and young parents.  Children can sleep in the bunkbeds downstairs and the queen beds on the bottom are great for parents.  The spacious main floor is ideal for gathering everyone together for meals and playing games.  The game room downstairs is fun for everyone in the family to play games and enjoy time together.

In the fall and spring months families continue to gather at Hidden Springs Lodge, but we also love to have group gatherings at the lodge.  Groups of friends come and gather at the lodge to have corporate meetings, spiritual retreats, yoga retreats, quilting groups, and scrapbooking retreats.  The mild weather in the spring and fall are great for playing outside, fishing, skeet shooting, relaxing in the hot tub, and sitting around the campfire. 

During the holiday season the Hidden Springs Lodge is amazing for families to gather and celebrate the holidays together.  Families love to gather and enjoy good food and traditions from Thanksgiving to New Years.  From late November until January it is great to see families come to the lodge and spend time relaxing, eating, and playing together.

We hope to see you this year at Hidden Springs Lodge for a family or group gathering!