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Utah Group Retreat Lodge

By February 3, 2021Vacation Home

Hidden Springs Lodge is an ideal large group lodge for specialty retreats and family vacations. This week a large scrapbooking group is using the lodge for a scrapbooking retreat. Next week a basketball team is using the lodge for a team retreat. This spring a large group yoga retreat will enjoy the lodge for a week and a quilting group retreat will be held at the lodge. 

The large main floor is perfect for setting up lots of tables and doing crafts, sewing, or quilting or clearing out the space and exercising or dancing.  Hidden Springs Lodge also hosts many wedding events and corporate group retreats. 

Spring and fall are some of the best times of the year for large group events and retreats at Hidden Springs Lodge. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is spectacular, and the rates are some of the lowest of the year. April and May are beautiful spring weather, green leaves, and baby animals all over the ranch. September and October are mild fall weather, spectacular autumn leaves, and low rates. 

The wintertime is also a great time to enjoy the luxury of this beautiful group lodge. During the winter months groups enjoy playing in the snow, hiking, playing basketball, play in the game room, and ice fishing during the day. At night groups love to dance, watch movies, play games, and relax in the hot tub. 

When you are looking for a large lodge for a group or team retreat look no further than Hidden Springs Lodge. Just 2.5 hours east of Salt Lake City, Utah it is easy to drive out in the morning and be at your retreat by the early afternoon. Any time of year Hidden Springs Lodge is the perfect location for your next retreat!

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