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Utah Christmas Lodge

By December 8, 2022Vacation Home

This month is the season for Christmas parties and Hidden Springs Lodge is the perfect place in Utah for families to gather for Christmas and New Year’s parties. The large kitchen and huge gathering room on the main floor are perfect for all your family’s Christmas meals and traditions. In this blog we will discuss some of our favorite family’s Christmas traditions to enjoy at Hidden Springs Lodge.

Christmas meals are one of our favorite Christmas traditions. We love to eat delicious food during the Christmas and New Year’s season and the large kitchen with serving windows is the perfect setup for cooking delicious food and serving it to the family. No matter what type of food and desserts your family enjoys eating during the Christmas season you will be able to prepare and serve it in the Hidden Springs Lodge kitchen.

Exchanging Christmas gifts is another great tradition that we love in our family. Hidden Springs Lodge main floor is huge and has plenty of comfy couches for families to sit around and exchange gifts. There are several Christmas trees around the main floor to put the gifts under and provide a beautiful ambience for your family Christmas gift exchange.

Playing in the snow is another great tradition our family enjoys around Christmas. The Hidden Springs Lodge has a large backyard for playing in the snow and families can make snowmen, build forts, and throw snowballs in the backyard. There is also plenty of area around the lodge to ride ATVs or snowmobiles if your family enjoys riding ATVs or snowmobiles in the winter.

Playing games and watching Christmas movies is another great Christmas tradition that our family loves to do over Christmas and New Year’s. The huge main floor of the lodge is great for playing games and watching movies on the big screen TV. We love to relax on the comfortable couches and play some games and watch classic Christmas movies in the evenings.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!