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Utah Large Family Gathering Lodge

By November 1, 2022Vacation Home

Hidden Springs Lodge is one of the best lodges in the United States for large family gatherings over 50 people. It is great for family gatherings and reunions any month of the year, but the holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year for large families to get together at Hidden Springs Lodge and eat great food, play games, and enjoy time playing outside together.

Hidden Springs Lodge is large and spacious and there is plenty of room in the lodge for family gatherings of over 50 people to gather to eat, play, and sleep. The lodge has 13 bedrooms, and the 8 bedrooms downstairs have bunk beds that are three levels high, so there are plenty of beds for everyone in your group to have their own bed and get a good night’s sleep. The main floor has a large commercial kitchen and a huge main floor for preparing meals and having everyone gather to have a large family meal. The main floor also has a sound system and a large screen TV for having a large movie night, dance, or family activity. The downstairs of the lodge has a large game room for playing games and enjoying time with the children.

The backyard of the lodge is great for families to have fun during the daylight hours. The large pool area has a great pool and hot tub. The backyard also has a large lawn for playing sports and outdoor games. The south side of the backyard has a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit, and campfire area. The north side of the lodge has a playground for children and a pond in the front yard is fun for children to row around in the rowboat or try to catch frogs and salamanders.

The Hidden Springs Ranch has endless fun for everyone in the family. The ranch has a fishing and canoeing pond that will provide many hours of fun for both adults and children that love to be out on the water fishing or canoeing. Members of your group that enjoy shooting will love the skeet shooting deck and rifle range. Your entire group will have a great time at the recreation center. The recreation center has a rock-climbing wall on the north side of the building and a sports court inside the building. The sports court has a basketball hoop, volleyball net, and pickleball equipment. Families gathering at the Hidden Springs Ranch will spend hours of fun playing sports at the recreation center.

Utah family gatherings are amazing any time of year at Hidden Springs Ranch, but holiday family gatherings are some of our favorites. We hope to see you soon at Hidden Springs Ranch!